About Marla

Marla Welsford is a non-union actress and voiceover artist providing services for all media, including commercial, narration, industrial, public service announcements, relaxation work, and voicemail.

"So warm"…
"So soothing"…
"I can hear the kindness"…
"Those dulcet tones"…

Marla has heard comments like these all of her life.

There's a reassuring gentleness to her tone, an emotional acuteness to her delivery. While her voice is gentle and soothing, it is very versatile, with a full pallet of tones.

For the past 13 years Marla has studied with a number of wonderful voice and acting coaches and has enjoyed a variety of roles. Recently, she has been studying voiceover with Wren Ross in Boston and has enjoyed the characters she has created.

A native of Nova Scotia, Canada (although she only does the accent on demand, eh), Marla enjoyed acting and performing from an early age. Life took her in other directions, and she spent many years of her professional life as a psychotherapist. With mid-life came a re-birth of sorts and a return to her passion for acting.

Recent samples…

Hear recent examples of character voiceover work:

Have a listen…

Cheticamp Scenery, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Length: 0:24s
Vintage Shoes
(Hard Sell)

Length: 0:29s
Prescription Drugs
(Real Person)

Length: 0:29s
Milk and Cookies

Length: 0:30s
Toronto, Ontario Skyline
Length: 0:24s
Hero Statue (photo by Rick Heller
PSA (1)
Length: 0:27s
Destitute Woman
PSA (2)
Length: 0:15s
Rich Chocolate Cake
Length: 0:32s
Relaxation, Paris
Length: 0:35s
Telco Tower
Length: 0:24s
Store Mannequins
Length: 0:27s
Florist Shop
Length: 0:17s


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